Monday, October 11, 2010

Upcoming Talks

Over the next couple of months, I will be giving several talks about Closure:

October 13: Getting the most out of Closure
Google: Cambridge, MA

October 15: Building a 100K LOC JavaScript application with Google Closure
MIT CSAIL: Cambridge, MA

October 27: Introduction to Closure Tools and plovr
Google: New York, NY (as part of the NYC-GTUG Meetup)

November 10: Compiling your web site: Closure compiler
Location TBA: New York, NY (as part of the Web Performance NY Meetup)

If you are in the area for any of these talks, please come and say hello! I'm also more than happy to sign books (and may even be giving some away!) at each of these talks.

Hopefully, I will also get a chance to speak at both the Boston and NYC JavaScript meetups. I also hope to make it out to the Bay Area, Austin, Chicago, and Sydney (where I seem to have an open invitation!). As I have no official "book tour," my personal travel basically determines when and where I set up speaking events.

Want to learn more about Closure? Pick up a copy of my new book, Closure: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly), and learn how to build sophisticated web applications like Gmail and Google Maps!

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  1. I'll try to swing by when you're in Cambridge. I'm just around the corner from Google, so would love to meet up for coffee if I can't make it.