Saturday, September 1, 2007

There's a lot to hack on these days...

Because I haven't posted in awhile, you might think that I haven't been hacking, but I assure you that is not the case! Between the Facebook Platform and the iPhone, there are many new opportunities to explore lately. Nevertheless, my most recent (published) work is still related to my favorite product!

Last week, I posted about the introduction of Calendar Gadgets on the Google Code Blog. Although most people are probably most excited about the new horoscope and sudoku calendars, my biggest contribution is my updated xkcd calendar:

xkcd with full tooltip

Normally, if you looked at Friday's xkcd comic in Firefox and moused over it, you would see Could be worse. The last guy in that situation fell for one of the transient trumpeting a... because Firefox 2 clips the title attribute of the image at 80 characters. After great debate on the subject, the 80-character limit is going to be fixed in Firefox 3, but until then, I created a Google Gadget that displays an image with its full tooltip (you can optionally hyperlink your image as well) that I use to host the content of the xkcd calendar. (This was inspired by Mihai Parparita who fixed this for Google Reader.)

Also, since school is back in session, Mike Lambert and I updated with links to all of the Fall 2007 MIT course schedules hosted on Sadly, has not taken off as we had hoped (it does get a lot of spam, though!), but if we ever have time to make it as easy to add events to as it is to add events to Google Calendar, then I think we'll do a lot better.

Oh! And unfortunately I missed Google Developer Day this year because I was too busy working on the Google Calendar gallery, so I didn't have a chance to comment on mapplets, which are really cool! With a few PHP includes, I was able to turn CalMap into a mapplet. I'm sure you can do the same with your own Maps mashups, so give it a try!