Monday, March 1, 2010

Update to Closure: The Definitive Guide

Today I'm excited to announce a significant update to Closure: The Definitive Guide. The book contains complete drafts of two new chapters that focus on the Closure Compiler: Using the Compiler and Advanced Compilation. These two chapters contribute 80 pages of new content in addition to the 167 pages that are already available.

Because I was curious, I also created a graph of my progress on the book that is automatically updated every six hours:

When I put together the original proposal for the book, I projected that it would only be 250 pages long. Clearly, that was an underestimate. This presents quite the opportunity for you, the reader, since I'd argue that the book is now underpriced as you can preorder the print version for only $25.99. For only $14 more, you can also get online and PDF access to the book today. If you do, I strongly encourage you to provide feedback on O'Reilly's web site. Remember, the book is still in draft form, so if you have suggestions on how the book could be improved, make them now so they can be included in the final version!

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