Sunday, December 4, 2005


Why is this called a "changeblog," and what makes it different from a regular blog?

Many feel that a blog should have a theme and daily posts. When you first create such a blog, it's generally a lot of fun, but maintaining it eventually starts to feel like a job. (This is probably why more than half the blogs on the Net are inactive.)

I'm calling this a changeblog to let you know that this isn't that kind of blog. Although I would enjoy maintaining a blog about software and the Web, I already have a job which takes up a considerable amount of my time. Further, I know that if I had a "real" blog, I would start pouring hours and hours of time into it, hacking the WordPress source code and working on an original theme instead of using a prepackaged one.

So what can I expect from this blog?

The purpose of the changeblog is to announce changes to, such as an updated version of TargetAlert or a link to a new project that I've released. It will also contain announcements about Chickenfoot, which used to be hosted here at, but was moved over to an MIT server once I graduated.

Occasionally, I may make "traditional" posts to the changeblog (sometimes you just need to vent!), but I don't plan on making a habit of it. Instead, I plan to write longer, researched essays (which will be announced on the changeblog, of course) that will be linked from the home page.


  1. [...] I suppose the first thing to announce in the changeblog is, well, the changeblog. The About section already covers the purpose of this blog, so I thought that I would share some of the details about setting it up. [...]