Sunday, June 25, 2006

TargetAlert 0.9 Preview Available

I have made a preview release of TargetAlert 0.9 available that finally lets you create your own alerts through the UI. Everyone has been asking for this feature since day one -- I'm sorry that my other projects prevented me from taking care of this sooner!

If you find any bad bugs in the preview, then please let me know so I can fix them before I make an official 0.9 release. Once I finish writing up the documentation for this new version, I will push everything to, so this little beta test should not last very long.


  1. The new version is really good, nice work.
    The setting the cursor fixed the bug I emailed you about the other day (plus some other slight anomalies I had seen).

    Do we still need to option "don’t append if link already has an image" as now it does not append a pic (I thought it was a bug for a bit)?
    Maybe just turn it off by default or change option to “don’t change cursor of cursor is already non standard”.

    A small bug….
    I now have 2 Target alerts installed
    A proper one, pretty icon titled “0.9-Preview”
    And one with a green icon title "targetalert-0.9-preview.xpi"
    I can’t remove the second one all options are grayed out.

    If you need any help testing let me know.


  2. Also could you please make the pictures for
    "Link within page"
    "Link to another domain"
    Transparent like you did with the picture for
    "Link opens in a new window"


  3. [...] All I did was download TargetAlert.xpi from, unzip it, changed some version tags, and reposted the thing. That means version does not have the features that the 0.9 preview release has, and that the memory leak is still at large. [...]