Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Swear I Fixed It This Time

If you read the comments about GCalQuickTab, then you'll notice that I have a lot of unsatisfied customers, and I admit that they have a right to be upset because GCalQuickTab 0.3 makes it easy to unintentionally open Google Calendar while composing an email. Most users probably think I'm a moron, but I assure you that it's not that simple...

When you type the letter L in Gmail, GCalQuickTab tries to figure out if you are trying to enter text in a box, or if you are trying to activate the GCalQuickTab shortcut for Calendar. Unfortunately, the heuristic that I was using to make this distinction involved checking frame names, but then the names of the frames in Gmail changed, breaking my extension. I just submitted GCalQuickTab 0.3.1 which has a more robust heuristic -- it traverses the DOM and looks for a document in design mode, which would reflect that Gmail's rich content editor is open and that the user is probably trying to type an L in his email, in which case Google Calendar will not be opened.

Unfortunately, there are often a lot of extensions in the queue to be reviewed, so I'm not sure when version 0.3.1 will hit the Mozilla Update site. For example, version 0.3 took a little over a week to be approved, so 0.3.1 may also take some time. I feel bad for those of you who are still using ones instead of Ls in your email, so in the interim, so I am posting GCalQuickTab 0.3.1 on The updateURL for the extension still points to Mozilla Update, so even if you download GCalQuickTab from, you will still get future updates to the extension.

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