Monday, February 26, 2024

Meta Badge Post

Feb 16, 2024 marked the end of my 11.75 year career at Meta. As per tradition, I made an internal post to say good-bye accompanied by a photo of my badge. (Also pictured is my old Brik Book laptop cover with my custom Buck design, which I got way more mileage out of than I expected to, as Apple released some lousy MBPs for a stretch, so I ended up using my 2015 MBP with this cover for many years!)

What follows is a slightly modified version of my original post. See if you can solve the mystery embedded within.

Based on some of my historical Workplace posts, you might expect me to crank out 2000+ words to expound on everything that has happened over the past 11.75 years, but uncharacteristically,

i don’t quite have it in me. I would rather land some more diffs in fbsource with the

time I have left [like an intern on their last day]. One of my favorite Facebook-isms has always been, “This journey is 1% finished,” and even though I’m excited with everything we achieved this past year across

Dot Slash, CodeCompose, and of course, <<<REDACTED>>>, I

lament I have a tendency to

yammer over the unfinished 99% rather than step back and celebrate the 1

/ 100 that has been a success. But today more than ever, it’s important that I actually take a pause to appreciate my good fortune, in that

my experience here at Meta has been exceptional: the culture we have cultivated here encouraged me to learn, grow, and push myself far

beyond what I thought I was capable of when I walked into Bootcamp in May 2012. While

of course the company has changed in many ways over the past decade, we still have

lots of unsolved problems that are unique, interesting, and impactful because of our scale. In turn, if you’re curious, play well with others, and bias for action, you can have a long and fruitful career here. While there is

no way I can possibly thank everyone, past and present, who has helped me

on my journey here, I do want to give a shoutout to all who have helped build the DevInfra organization, as it has been the

underpinning of my FB experience, and I can’t say enough great things about the people and projects that have made it such a wonderful sandbox for me to play in these past 11+ years. Finally, while good-byes are sad, I remind myself that

the tech industry is not actually all that big, so I expect many of us will cross paths again down the road. Until then!

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