Monday, December 21, 2009

Closure Lite - Just in time for Christmas!

When I was an undergrad at MIT, the end of the fall semester meant I had about 5 weeks of freedom to hack on stuff before the start of the spring semester. At MIT, instead of starting classes back up in January, they have what is called the Independent Activities Period (IAP). Although IAP is optional, many students return for it (except the Hawaiians I knew, who generally decided to stay home in their tropical paradise during one of the coldest months in Boston) because there are so many great opportunities: you can get scuba certified, do research, or my personal favorite -- engage in programming competitions!

For you holiday hackers who haven't found the time to play around with Closure yet, I've tried to make it a little easier to get started by creating Closure Lite. Closure Lite is a single JavaScript file that you can include on a web page to start using a subset of the Closure Library. This is similar to the approach used by other popular JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. But as the Closure Lite documentation explains, although Closure Lite is a good way to start learning the Library, it is recommended to learn and use the Closure Compiler on your production JavaScript.

I hope that both Closure and Closure Lite are useful to MIT students who are competing in 6.470 this IAP!

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